Stands and Houses for Sale in Mutare (April 2022)

by Given Ncube

If you are looking to buy a house or stand in Mutare you've come to the right place to look for listings. Welodge Marketplace makes it easy to find houses to buy or rent online.

Here are stands and houses for sale in Mutare

1.Natview Park 200m2, 3 beds touches on outside plastering, wiring& plumbing-15000us

2. Hobhouse 3, 340m2-7000usd


3.Link rd 300m2, -8000usd



5.Sakubva Chineta corehouse on 357m2-14000usd

6.Natview 150m2, slab level-7500usd

7.Natview neat hse, 200m2, 3 beds, walled & gated-25000usd

8.Tsvingwe medium 800m2-8500usd

9.Hobhse 3,180m2, 3 beds touches on wiring, plumbing & ceiling-17500usd

10.Darlington 800m2-21000usd


11.Aloe D/mvura 290m2-7500usd



12.D/mvura Destiny, Mai Maria 300m2-8000usd

13.Beira Corridor 1 1200m2-19000usd


14.Chikanga 2, 2 beds on 350m2-23000usd

15. Fernvalley 1400m2, destiny-20000usd

Selling or seeking to buy please contact Eastern Region Properties on 0772396610 or view more properties on their catalogue on WhatsApp 0713753041

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