Rooms And Houses To Let in Harare (April 2022)

by Given Ncube

When you want a room or a cottage to rent you have to go through the process of finding an agent or worse, door to door knocking on strangers' doors, to say both of which is unpleasant would be an understatement. Here at Welodge Marketplace makes it easy for you to find a place to stay with just a click of a button.

Here are latest rooms and cottages to rent in Harare as of April 200

  1. One big room in Hatfield st Patrick's $130 for immediate occupation
  2. One bed cottage in Greendale rhodesville $350 neg Available for immediate occupation
  3. Two beds flat in town $500 for immediate occupation
  4. One bed flat in town $400 for immediate occupation
  5. Two rooms in waterfalls $150 for immediate occupation
  6. Two roomed cottage in Hatfield Twentydales $180 for immediate occupation
  7. One big room in Hatfield $100 available for immediate occupation
  8. Three beds house with two roomed cottage in Unit K Chi-town $200
  9. Three roomed cottage Greendale $280
  10. Two beds cottage in Greendale $300
  11. Flat to share in Town $200
  12. Flat to share in town $200
  13. Flat to share in town $180
  14. Flat to share in town $150
  15. One big room in Mabelreign $150
  16. One inside room in Chadcombe $150
  17. Two beds cottage in Westgate $450
  18. Flat to share in Avondale $250

If you want to view or get more information on all the properties above please get in touch with the negotiators Property Mogul on 0773718356

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