Rooms and Flats to Rent in Harare (March 2022)

by Given Ncube

Finding a house or room to rent in Harare when you don't know anyone to ask can be a nightmare to say the least. We've made this website to make it easy for you to find a place to rent without knocking on strangers doors.

Here are the rooms and cottages to rent in Harare

  1. One room in Mabelreign Haig park $100
  2. One room in Mt pleasant $100 preferably a single male
  3. One room in Avondale west preferably a single male $150
  4. Bedsitter in town $220
  5. One bed flat in town $250
  6. Two beds flat in town $350
  7. Two beds flat in town $500
  8. Two beds garden flat in Belgravia $600
  9. Two beds cottage in Avondale $400
  10. Two roomed cottage in Gun Hill $190 single person
  11. Two beds cottage in Westgate $350
  12. Three beds house in Kambuzuma Section 4 $250
  13. Three beds house in Houghton Park $400
  14. Three beds house in Sunridge $550
  15. Two beds flat in Weneka $300
  16. Two beds cottage in Sunridge $280
  17. Two beds cottage in Mandara $300
  18. One bed cottage in Greencroft $220
  19. House to share in Avondale $200

For viewing and negotiations please contact Property Mogul on 0773718356.

If you didn't find what you were looking for there's another update coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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